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(Archived) Passcode Lock in iOS7 / Evernote 7.0


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First, I do love the new look and feel. I was never a fan of the stacked tabs (or whatever you might call them) in the previous version; they felt too contrived.


When I first launched the new Evernote app and was prompted for my passcode, I realized I had wanted to do something else first, so I hit the home button without entering my passcode. Then, indecisive me decided that no, it could wait, so I fired up Evernote again. I was also curious to see the new iOS7 lock screen-like passcode interface in Evernote. But I was not prompted for my passcode! 


I have the passcode set to be required after 5 minutes. If changed to "Immediately," this doesn't seem to occur. However, I have reproduced the problem with both the "After 1 minute" and "After 5 minutes" options. To reproduce: with passcode enabled and "After 1 minute" selected, if I leave Evernote, wait one minute, then launch Evernote, I am prompted for the passcode. If I hit the Home button on the phone without entering my passcode, and then launch Evernote again, I am on the new "home" screen in Evernote, with Shortcuts, Notes, Notebooks, etc... without being prompted for my passcode. 


This seems like a pretty major problem, making whatever real-world protection the passcode offers fairly useless. 


Otherwise, I really do like the new look and usability better than the last. 
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Glad you like the new look--we've been hustling hard on it.


Reported as bug--we'll look into this and I'll see if we can't find some people to repro internally.  Anyone else reports this, please let us know below.

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