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(Archived) Passcode Lock in iOS7 / Evernote 7.0


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First, I do love the new look and feel. I was never a fan of the stacked tabs (or whatever you might call them) in the previous version; they felt too contrived.


When I first launched the new Evernote app and was prompted for my passcode, I realized I had wanted to do something else first, so I hit the home button without entering my passcode. Then, indecisive me decided that no, it could wait, so I fired up Evernote again. I was also curious to see the new iOS7 lock screen-like passcode interface in Evernote. But I was not prompted for my passcode! 


I have the passcode set to be required after 5 minutes. If changed to "Immediately," this doesn't seem to occur. However, I have reproduced the problem with both the "After 1 minute" and "After 5 minutes" options. To reproduce: with passcode enabled and "After 1 minute" selected, if I leave Evernote, wait one minute, then launch Evernote, I am prompted for the passcode. If I hit the Home button on the phone without entering my passcode, and then launch Evernote again, I am on the new "home" screen in Evernote, with Shortcuts, Notes, Notebooks, etc... without being prompted for my passcode. 


This seems like a pretty major problem, making whatever real-world protection the passcode offers fairly useless. 


Otherwise, I really do like the new look and usability better than the last. 
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Glad you like the new look--we've been hustling hard on it.


Reported as bug--we'll look into this and I'll see if we can't find some people to repro internally.  Anyone else reports this, please let us know below.

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We've closed this one out as resolved for 7.0.4 (not yet released, current is 7.0.3).  Let us know if you run across at any point in the future once 7.0.4 hits the wild.

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