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Phone shut off while recording audio, need to access the file!

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Long time user, first post here.


I was recording an interview yesterday when my phone unexpectedly shut down. After getting the phone started back up I was able to access the SD card and found that the file had been saved in the "unsaved notes" folder, but it has the extension .3gpp while all of the other files are .amr, and I cannot open it with any program I have tried. The file has data in it, which leads me to believe that the recording is there, but I cannot access it.


Has anyone else had this issue and been able to resolve it? I am attaching the file here in hopes that someone will know how to recover the information.



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You can try some free video converters and try to convert them into a more readable format. Smetimes, the data might be there, but if the headers are corrupted, then there can be difficulty reading the file. You can try. Good luck.

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Just wanted to let everyone know (in case anyone comes here searching for the answer) I was able to correct the problem with a hex editor.


I searched for a free hex editor and downloaded one, then opened the file. I found that the beginning information in the file was different from the beginning information in all of the other files, so I simply copied the data from one of the other files and overwrote the data in the bad file, saved it with an .amr extension, and viola! the file works. I can post asn example if anyone is interested. very excited to have this data back!!

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