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Feature Request - Free Formatting of Notes


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Hello there,


There is one thing that I like about MS OneNote that Evernote does not have, and it is the possibility of writing anywhere on a note's page. In OneNote, you can start writing text literally anywhere you click on the note, while Evernote's notes are more document-like, in that the always flow like a regular Office document.


Are there any other users that would like the possibility of adding text anywhere in the note, without too many clicks?


- David

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Evernote uses an adapted HTML-Format so it is compatible with many other products especially on the web. OneNote uses a proprietary format of Microsoft and should not be implemented in Evernote.

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I understand the compatibility issue, and certainly side with Evernote's take on this. But isn't it possible to have text boxes everywhere on a webpage using standard-compliant HTML code? This is a real question, I don't know enough about HTML to know this. If it is possible, then it is just a matter of programming the user interface to convert the user's intended position of the textbox, explicitly expressed by clicking on the location where the user wants the first character of the text to appear, into whatever format is used to represent a note. Isn't this possible?

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Many things are possible, as is this features, but the term "<x> is just a matter of programming", while easy to write, doesn't capture the ease (or difficulty) of programming <x> or its priority relative to other potential features.

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