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(Archived) Feature Request: Pin tag or search when changing notebooks

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I'd like to be able to fix or "pin" the whatever tags I have selected, and/or the current search in the searchbox, so that I can change notebooks and see the notes in each notebook (or All notebooks) that have the currently selected tags and/or match the current search.

I'd like the pinning of tags or search to be independent, so I could just pin the tags, and then narrow the search in one notebook, and have it remove the search when I move to another notebook, and conversely, just pin the search, and narrow it by a tag in one notebook, but have it remove the tag filter when moving to another notebook.

If I had to prioritise tag or search, I'd say that being able to pin tags would be more valuable to me.

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In the Mac and web UI, you can change the targeted notebook using the drop-down in the "Search Explanation" bar at the top of the screen. This isn't yet implemented in the Windows UI, but is part of our major UI overhaul (in progress since September).

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