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Even though I've organized all my tags into heirachies, I still have lots of notebooks and hundreds of tags. When I click on a notebook, the list of tags is almost useless if there isnt some way of seeing which tags have been applied to the notes in that notebook.

Please please please split the tag list into 2 (One for "Tags in current notebook" and the other for "Other tags"), or grey out the unused tags, or make them invisible. The windows client sort of does this now, but it needs to be even more obvious which tags have been applied (Group them all together in the list), and it needs to happen on the web client, iphone client, and mac client too.

Secondly, please give us the option to "Apply tag parent to all children automatically". Being able to click on a tag parent and see all the notes that belong to all the sub tags too would go a long way towards making up for the lack of "Headers" in notebooks.

At the moment, the chaos of wading through tags or "trying to remember" how you might have tagged a note, completely neutralizes the value of having tags in the first place. They become a hassle rather than a help.

Evernote is a great service. Creating notes and clipping are easy and problem free. Browsing notes is the problem. Please make this a priority.



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I would also like to see the windows client be able to generate a pick list of tags from the currently selected note or group of notes. This is possible in published notebooks. I have over 2000 notes and hundreds of tags. While the tags present in the currently selected notebook are highlighted in the left side tag list, my list is so long that it tags much scrolling to find related tags. I would like to be able to click on one of the tags in the current note, and have that tag become the new filter. This would allow for very quick navigation through related notes, making up for the missing note to note hyperlinking. Indeed by carefully assigning tags, people wanting a hierarchical structure could get quite close to that function.

I would hope we have that on the winmobile client also.


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