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(Archived) big problem/bug of the sync


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Windows EN client version:

Windows XP


lol, what happend, how the sync make 3 difference version

(1)Windows_client_screen.jpg is my last real data, im happy backed up the local database before the sync, if not ,all my data gone


how to fix this or how to sync my windowns client data to the web now ?


i guess some of the steps below cause this bug, but im not sure

1) today on my windows client, create alot local notebook

2) today on my windows client, move all the note from sync notebook to local notebook

3) today on my windows client, deleted all sync notebook, only keep the main sync notebook "Inbox" (<-- 0 note inside Inbox now)

4) i remember the usage amount is around 400k only

5) i clicked once "add other user" on the File menu, but it take like 4 mins to finish the proccess (im confuse why 0 note take 4 mins to sync)

6) after that show up a screen something like that require a Premium account, so i click cancel (i check the usage amount, from 400k -> 7.1MB, this is 0 note in Inbox)

7) i press F9 to sync and all seems good is look like the (1)Windows_client_screen.jpg

8) i login to EN web client, but some of the notebook is already deleted by me use windows client, so i manually delete all items from the web, look the (2)Web_client_screen.jpg

9) then i use windows client F9, try to let windows = web, after that omg, the result look like (3)after_sync.jpg now


i backed up my local database, but any options on the web client able import my local database ?

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ahh another things, i use my EN id and password login EN web client to change the email like 1-2 weeks ago, so EN web client showing the NEW@email.address


is this forum using the same cookie as EN web client ?


because if u login EN web client first then come to the forum (here), no need type the id and pass, but im confunsed why the forum control panel showing my OLD@email.address if both is use same cookie but EN web client and forum is using difference profile ?

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Hi - you do appreciate that local notebooks are saved on your local client but are not synced with the web?  So moving notes from your web view into a local notebook involves deleting them from that view.  I can't really guess from your description where your notes are - if you haven't change much since your backup I'd suggest restoring from backup and starting again.  Read up exactly how to do that from the forums though before you start - and you might want to raise a support ticket to see if the tech support team have any better suggestions!

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hmmm ok i make a clip and posted to youtube, may be need to watch in full screen




if cant fix this, can i create a new account and reinstall everythings include EN windows v4 client , Skitch , Firefox add-on


and then replace the  Databases\my_id.exb to the new install EN Databases\


this my_id.exb file content any account info ? if not, it means i can safe to use the .exb on other difference account ?


can i rename my_id.exb to new_account_id.exb ?



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