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(Archived) Is there anyway to set preferences in Evernote Windows?


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Somewhere along the way, the Evernote on my Windows desktop seems to have stopped remembering my display preferences.  That is, my preference is for notes to appear in order of CREATION DATE.  Every time I open Evernote/Windows it has defaulted back to displaying notes in DATE UPDATED order.  I do not remember this being a problem with Evernote/Windows before ... and it is NOT an issue on other platforms I regularly use to access my notes (iOS, Mac OSX).  


Is there anyway to set CREATION DATE as the preferred display order for Evernote Windows?


Thanks for your help.  

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Sometimes, Evernote fails to save the settings on exit (for instance in shutting down, it can be stopped by the OS before it gets the chance)

You can force it to save the settings however:

- Choose your sort order

- Completely Exit out of Evernote: File -> Exit

- Answer yes to the confirmation dialog

- Restart Evernote, and it should have saved your sort settings.


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