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Drag Me feature to WordPress or Flickr



Several versions back there was the ability to use the "Drag Me" feature and drag directly into the WordPress Media Library or into the Flickr Uploader. Currently, the only workflow is to drag to a Mac folder first and then you can drag those files to WP or Flickr. Any chance of getting this ability working again?

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There is a strange interaction taking place between OS X, the browser, the destination website and Skitch, that is causing some drags to fail. We hand off the content of the Skitch window to OS X which in turns the data into a file and then lets you drag it into your browser, and somewhere in that handoff the file can put into a state that the browser, or the website, are failing to recognize the file.


One thing we have tried and gotten to work with some sites is to replace any spaces in the file names with a "_". We have also seen screen captures where the title is a long string of numbers can also behave oddly and you should replace that with just a short name.


For example:

  • In Jira, it appears you're best bet is to remove any spaces and use "_"s to get the most consistent results.
  • By contrast Gmail (at least on our test Macs and my work Mac) doesn't seem to mind what the name of the file is and will happily accept the attachment. 
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@Rushaw - Glad it's working for you. We're pretty sure the issue stems from two places: the filename and the code used by a website for accepting drag and drop file transfers. 


On our side we believe converting any spaces into underscores will improve the chances of an upload. Other symbols in a filename might still present an issue.


But that's only part of the equation. The website's code is also potentially a problem. It's a bit of a ***** shoot there.

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So I'm realizing that the dragging does work in Safari AND Firefox for both WordPress and Flickr uploading. Also, as you mentioned, it does work in Gmail even when I use Chrome. Here's hoping that you eventually find the secret to getting everything working.

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