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(Archived) Emails don't end up in my Notebook that I created



Using an iMac and Mail.

I create a new note book in Evernote, called Exc which I can find on the computer..

I create an email and put @Exc after the Subject.

I check the web and the email gets to it but does not end up in my notebook.


I am lost?

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thanks gazumped


I used the button- Synchronize with Evernotes Web service and a blue line came up bottom left of the window with a word that said synced. Tried another email with the @Exc at the end of the subject line-still no luck.

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? but if you can see the email in your web browser version of Evernote,  and you have synced the desktop to the web version,  you should now have what is on the web reflected on your web browser.  If you sent another email,  that may be on the web,  but not yet on your desktop...

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