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(Archived) Why 'Attributes' no longer exist in 5.0

Xiaoquan Li

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I miss not having the "Attributes" search options in the Sidebar in Evernote 5 as well. One thing I found it especially useful for was to view Notes I created via emailing them to my Evernote email address.


I'd like to see the Attributes search functionality come back.



P.S. To the Evernote team: I started using Evernote five months ago and am totally digging it. I recently upgraded to Premium and am incorporating Evernote into many aspects of my workflow. Thanks for the great product. I'm looking forward to seeing Evernote continue to evolve.

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The attributes are available in v5 as filter options when executing a search

Yes, attributes are still part of the search grammar, but the topic is instead referring to the Attribute selection UI that used to exist in the left panel of the version 4 Windows clients. It was a handy UI, since some of the attributes search terms are a little less memorable than the normal ones (e.g. tag:, notebook:, etc.).
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This was a very useful feature, and the filter options in the new 5.0 don't cut it when you need to find all of your PDFs, notes with images, or audio files---regardless of title or any text. There is no current way to do this in the new version, except for the solution offered by jefito above on Sept 18 (http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php) using hard-to-remember search terms. Please give the option to include the old Filter or similar utility by Attributes below Tags. It worked great, only took up one line (but could be expanded) and was very, very helpful.

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Though hard to remember, you can just look the ones you use up, once, and save it as a saved search.  Then it's always available with a click in the search field.


I would guess that at least for now the sidebar will continue to be somewhat neutered while the search field gains functionality.


For example the Natural Language search in the Mac betas, in an attempt to make "attributes" less hard to remember.

I still think for me, Natural Language search is likely to just save me a fetch/read of the search cheat sheet, but still just result in a saved search.

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