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EN Clipper Feature Iterations



First off, wanted to congratulate the team on bringing in clearly and skitch into evernote clipper.  Beforehand, I had to choose clearly (if I wanted to read) or clipper (if I wanted to comment) on an article. Now I can do both.


A couple suggestions.

  • It's not clear when you're using skitch vs. clearly functionality. Perhaps separate out the skitch functionality as it requires a screenshot. It wasn't intuitive at first, but since I use skitch for my day-to-day I was able to figure it out after a few missteps
  • Under the FILE flyout, there are three sections (Name, Notebook, Tag, Comment)
    • When viewing in my laptop, Comment/tag is sometimes below the fold. I can't get to it
    • Consider a) adding scrolls and defining set height limits based on window size so that tags/comments still appear B) putting comments on top under title c) moving to something like an accordion interaction modal
    • There are currently notebook/tag options on the right sidebar. Add a comments (as you can tell, I really like comments)
  • When selecting article view: the [+/-] is sometimes out of the screen. Readjust the window. Or just have the +/- visbile in screen at all times


It seems to me that you are trying to create a product that does two things: help users consume the content, and help users share content (by first saving it, modifying it, or commenting on it). I wonder if there is a way of separating those two use cases.


Anyways, you guys make great product! I'm really excited that you've started to integrate other products to web clipper's feature-set. The next challenge is to simplify it by delineating the two separate use cases to help new users ramp up. For me as a power user, I know how those products work as I use Evernote, skitch, clipper, and clearly. 


Keep up the good work!




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