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(Archived) Tag Sort Order


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I have tags for brain-injury, brain-structure, and brainstorming. Most sorting programs will list brainstorming at the end. Not Evernote in the tags section; it puts brainstorming in between the other two. I guess in the grand scheme of things,this is not a major bug, but it does irritate me.

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I have a ton of tags, so I understand the importance of tag management.

Getting Evernote to change their sort method is similar to the labor of Sysyphus.

I prefer to group my tags by adding 3/4 character prefixes.

In the above situation, I would probably use Med for Medical, so my tags would be::

  • Brainstorming
  • Med-Brain-Injury
  • Med-Brain-Structure

or a slightly different sort using Prod for Productivity (matching your expectations)

  • Med-Brain-Injury
  • Med-Brain-Structure
  • Prod-Brainstorming

To get around Evernote's fixed sort method, one other method is to change the dash to an underline. (Evernnote is slightly brain injured when it comes to dashes)

  • Brain_Injury
  • Brain_Structure
  • Brainstorming
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Thanks for the suggestion. I think I preferred the second option. I am using voice recognition software a lot and the "-" works better as a stopping point than the _. the challenge I have now is remembering the order of the prefixes, and where I have stored particular tags that I am interested in. I have lost count of how many tags I have, although according to the Android version, I have 1500. Sometimes I need to do a search of my tags to find the one I am interested in!

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When BitQwik and Tag Hunter were running, I had 1,400 tags.

About half of them start with the 3-4 character prefix. A misfiled tag shows up like a sore thumb.

Here are some of them with an example:


Com- for Company (tag:Com-Apple)

Dem- for Democrats (tag:Dem-Filner-Bob)

Fam- for Family (tag:Fam-JLB)

Govt- for Government (tag:Govt-State)

Ins- for Insurance (tag:Ins-Dental)

Int- for International People (tag:Int-Putin-Vladimir)

Job- for Jobs (tag:Job-ITT)
News- for Media (tag:News-FOX)

Rep- for Republicans (tag:Rep-Darrell-Issa)

Per- for Personal (tag:Per-Yard)

Ref- for Reference material (tag:Ref-Evernote)

Tax- for Taxes (tag:Tax-IRS)

Tech- for Tech (tag:Tech-Android)

Trav- for Travel (tag:Trav-Maine)


Some tags don't have a prefix, but I will throw them under a master tag for grouping purposes.



(Afghanistan, etc)


(Gaza, United Nations, etc)


(Minnesota, Texas, etc)

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