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(Archived) function request, copy note link anchor


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can the window EN make a function something like xpath or HTML code #anchor

that is like http://www.........../example.html#jump_to_the_text


i know we can right click on a note use copy note link, when u click on the link will show the target note


"copy note link anchor" is used on the note body, highlight some text in the note body and copy this xpath, and paste this link to other notes,

if u click on the link, u will jump to the line in the note


for example: a note content over 100 lines

1. EN is good




2. EN is very good (we can highlight this line and right click select "copy note link anchor")





after that, when u click on the link, will jump to the line -> 2. EN is very good

also if the note body something changed, it will auto update the xpath in the database

ofc not this simple example_note#2. EN is very good

because a note may be content many lines same as 2. EN is very good



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It is possible to do create anchors, but I am not sure if they would work in conjunction with note links.

To add them in though, there is no direct way but you have to edit the ENML of the note directly.

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They do work IN the note, yes.


But I just tested evernote_link/#location and it doesn't seem to work.

You will need to add the location anchors in the ENML directly (i.e. <a name = "location"> </a>). But it seems you can link to these locations in vanilla Evernote by creating a link to "file:///#location"

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Just thought I'd add my voice to this request. I frequently need to have very long notes that function most effectlively as single notes (as opposed to breaking them up and hyperlinking between them). Anchor links would be AMAZING. In addition to this, being able to tag the anchors would be revolutionary! It would really streamline my note taking, and further open up my ability to find specific content. Much thanks!

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