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Thanks for the new Web Clipper! It's great.



I'm extremely pleased with the new web clipper (Chrome, Mac). The look is a little different but much cleaner. It seems better behaved, remembering my preference for clipping the full page. I'm not likely to use the annotation features very much. But, much as I like Skitch, it's nice to be able to take screen shots from the Clipper. 



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Just want to let you know that I'm loving the new Clipper! I had been using Clear for some time and it wa great, but the new Clipper is even better.

I just noticed something that doesn't seem quite right: it appears that it sometimes takes a screenshot out of the blue, and I don't even know where it went. It's definitely not in the desktop. Is this normal? Is it a known bug?

Anyway, appart from this, the new Clipper is almost perfect. Love it!

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