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What exactly gets clipped by EN clipper?



Right now I'm dealing with some kind of infection on my computer (have run 3 anti spyware programs to no avail). It has an ad server called extentions.ru be notified each time I open ANY page in Chrome.


I know this because I'm running Collusion for Chrome (by disconnect.me, available at the Chrome store). This Chrome extension shows all the websites that are notified as I surf the web.


Extentions.ru notifies a whole bunch of other Russian ad servers, which in their turn barrage me with ads. I've been keeping them in check by blocking their cookies from being set within Chrome.


My question is, when I clip a page from Chrome using the EN clipper, does the browser in EN also notify the same sites that Chrome notifies?


In other words, are the cookies I blocked in Chrome automatically blocked when I view a clipped page within EN?


(As an example, this very forum page, according to Collusion, is communicating with the following sites:


(In my case extentions.ru also shows up.)
When I view the clipped page in EN, are the sites above also notified?
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My infection was caused by a Chrome extension I stupidly installed, called Facebook Disconnect. Uninstall it and clean out all your cookies either by using CCleaner or Chrome itself (Settings | Privacy | Security | Clear Browsing Data).



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