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(Archived) Suggestion: Save whole pages?

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I currently have both Evernote and Instapaper app on my iPhone. Whenever I want to make a save webpage for later reading, I have to decide between saving a part of the page in Evernote or just click and save the whole page inside Instapaper.

This means my notes end up in Evernote and my references end up in Instapaper.

I would really prefer to have everything inside Evernote because there is one place I have to refer to.

For this to happen, there are a few things missing:

1. The evernote clipper cannot save whole pages, only parts of it. Why?

2. To save the note for offline viewing on the mobile, I have to go to the mobile app, load the note and then add to Favorites for each and every such note. Why is this so cumbersome? Why can't I just have a setting where I can save all notes offline on the iPhone app?

3. There is no word-wrapping implemented in the Evernote iPhone app, or at least it didn't work for me. This makes it so painful to try to read an article.

I've become an avid user of Evernote, and I really hope that the Evernoters will take these suggestions positively.



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Yeah, Evernote did work that way until recently. I have many notes that are whole web pages, clipped without needing to highlight anything.

I don't like the change at all. The new way is frustrating, and non-intuitive.

@Evernote developers -- can you please change it back to how it was??!?

@swaroopch -- thanks for the Intapaper link though, that looks great & I shall give it a try!

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The quick reason why we changed it was because it was causing people (especially free users) to use up a lot of their quota by sucking in a lot of unneeded bits of web pages, like on the New York Times Home Page (for example) - clipping the whole page gives ads, at least FOUR different indexes, and multiple images, with very little actual content.

By making the user decide what content they really want, we're keeping your notes free of clutter, and your Quotas down.

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Thanks for the explanation Heather, it makes sense.

The downside is that it is tedious to select the whole text of the articles, clip it, and *then* go to the mobile app and star it so that it is available offline.

Can we at least have a setting that all notes are available offline or choose that in the desktop/web version or even choose while clipping whether it should be available offline?

Thanks for a great tool,


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Yes, we'll be implementing an option to allow you to clip the whole page soon ... like heather said, this is frequently a lot more than you want with all of the navigation all over many web sites, but this may be useful in some contexts.

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