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(Archived) iPhone IOS 7


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I have one big issue with IOS 7 :

When you type a text longer than the height of the screen each new letter you type move the screen one line up !

It makes Evernote unusable.

I use iOS 7 GM and I hope the bug will be solved at least with the official release next week.

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See above.  The GM is already released to beta testers and the issue still exists.

There was a dedicated thread on that issue until about an hour ago until.  It seems to have been sanitized out of existence.

I think it will be a good sales day for the author of Clever/Clever HD tomorrow.

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I just installed the Evernote iOS 7 update on iOS 7.  Very different!


I quick use, I rather like it, though it's different.  Very different UI; much easier to create new notes and reminders.


The main issue I had in limited testing is that the sort button is VERY difficult to tap.  It's easy to accidentally tap other things instead.  Still... I think it's a big step forward.

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