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(Archived) This helped me a LOT: Syncing Evernote Notes to my Computer's hard drive (via Google Drive)


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This has turned out to be an awesome solution for me.  I was wanting to migrate my existing Evernote notes to Drive so I could run them both side by side, and have the extra advantage of having all of my Evernote notes offline on my computer (since Google Drive can create a syncing folder on your hard drive).  Export doesn't work well since it comes out in HTML, but I found CloudHQ below which worked perfectly, even keeping all of my note titles and creating a folder for each notebook.  There is a 15 day free trial (but see the link below for a 30 day free referral), so I was able to do a large one-time migration, and now I have to decide whether to keep the sync function for a monthly fee, or just start sending my new notes to both places separately.  Regardless, this is an awesome find for me!  Here is a referral link which will get you one month free (and some more free time for me as well).



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