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chrome Would love to see a message informing me is a URL has already been clipped?


Sometime I may go to the same URL a month later during some research and clip only to be re-clipping or poorly tagged clip.  I would prefer if it warned me that I already clipped it and gave me the opportunity to update the tags, comments, etc.

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This would be very useful for me too.


If I'm clipping things to remember them I only really need one copy in Evernote! If something I'm clipping is already there then there ought to be a quick way to find out.


Additionally, I tend to keep comments on all my clips. If I have new thoughts about a webpage that I've clipped, it would be much more convenient to add to my existing comments than to start a new clip for them.


Finally, if I'm clipping a page for a second time then my old comments might be extremely relevant to what I'm currently working on. It would be a really timely moment for Evernote to retrieve my old clip for me!

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