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(Archived) What happened to the Gmail functionality in the Clipper?


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The new clipper automatically installed and seems to work ok for me, but it does nothing for Gmail. Please tell me this didn't get removed.


I don't see any settings to modify to make this work.

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The new web clipper still works with my Gmail -- but with one significant difference: It no longer includes the full URL to the email I clipped.  


In the previous version, an email clipped from Gmail would have something like this for its URL: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?shva=1#inbox/1410c8bc8d004a58  


Clicking that URL would open that specific email in a new instance of Gmail. 


In the current version, that same email gets this URL: https://mail.google.com/mail/


NOTE: currently, if I highlight and then clip that email into the new Evernote desktop version, I still get the full URL.


The ability to open a saved email directly from the full link is very important for me.  (For instance, it allows me to file a number of emails to be responded to at a later time).

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I can confirm I'm getting the same results when clipping from GMail using Google Chrome on a Windows 7 machine  :(


In case anyone wants a work-arround, I've taken to performing the following steps:


  1. before using the Clipper, copy the URL for your message from the address bar;
  2. Clip the message using Evernote Clipper, and make any Tag or Notebook assignments you wish;
  3. before clicking on Save, you can paste the message URL to the Comment section of Clipper;
  4. alternatively, Save your note, then immediately Open it within Evernote, once the Clipper Status indicator tells you it has Synchronised your new note - then, with the Note open, edit the Information section of the note to paste the correct URL

OK - it's not elegant, and it does make the whole process a bit longer, but might be of use to anyone who can't live without the GMail message URL link while the good people at Evernote sort this out  :)

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Hi Ed, we haven't removed it but we learned that Gmail updated their product at the same time as we released 6.0 and this caused some problems for some users. We will patch this up ASAP. 


Thanks. I got it working by closing Chrome and restarting, but about 20% of my emails never clip. It just spins. The only fix is to restart the browser, then forward the email to my account. Blech.

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