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(Archived) Cataloging EBooks: filesize and search-by-author

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I'd like to start adding all my PDF books to EN and set the author attribute to the author of the book, but there are two things preventing me from doing so:

Search by Author

I'd like to suggest a change in the way you search by the author of a note. However, the search syntax doesn't seem to work like I'd expect it to. For instance, one of the authors is John Piper.

These work:

author:"John Piper"


These do not work:

author:"John*" -- gives no results

author:*Piper -- gives an error (wants a space between * and Piper)

author:"*Piper" -- gives no results


I know this has been mentioned before, but I have tons of ebooks that are easily over 25MB. I don't even want these synced -- it's a local notebook. I'm just trying to organize my books in evernote. Could the 25MB filesize limit be lifted for local notebooks?


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Just like the 100 notebook limit, the 25MB note limit is there for database management limits. Wonkiness ensues if we change certain things, like those...

As for the ebook storage, that's an awesome idea. I hadn't thought of where to store my ebooks, or how. I have tons in all different formats.

Evernote as eBook manager. Interesting :)

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Evernote is planning an increase in the maximum file size.

Re: feature request: larger attachments on premium accounts

Postby engberg on Sun Sep 06, 2009 12:24 pm

Thanks, we're planning on increasing the maximum file size for Premium accounts to 50MB. This needs to be coordinated with an update on every client, since the clients also enforce the limits, so it will take a bit before we can do this safely, but it's in the works.

This should convert some of the free users to the premium side.

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Instead of tracking authors, I use Evernote to track government officials. All political clippings are put into a notebook named Politics. The tags are formatted last name then first name. The system works very smoothly.

So when I need to search for a politician, I use the following search format

  • Notebook:Politics "Nancy Pelosi"

For politicians with unusual last names, I can shorten the search to
  • Notebook:Politics Obama

Periodically, I'll do a review of my tags by pulling up past searches (saved in a note). I run the following search to look for clippings that are missing the correct tag names.

  • Notebook:Politics "Nancy Pelosi" -tag:"Pelosi Nancy"

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