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(Archived) Where is the per-notebook password protection thread?





I've read through the entire original thread in the Mac forum about the requests for per-notebook password protection, up to the point where it was locked by a forum moderator. Was it picked up somewhere else ? I couldn't find a more recent thread using the search form.


I'm posting this here and will move it to the proper thread if there is one: I'd simply like to +1 this frequent feature request. It's not for the encryption or for protecting sensitive information. I regularly fire up EN (mobile, web, desktop, whatever) to search for a piece of information for someone who more often than not is standing right next to me. There are a lot of personal notes I'd simply not want to see in the search results. Tagging is a hassle (I don't want to search for "something but excluding notes tagged 'personal'"). What would be useful to me, and apparently to many other folks, is the ability to have a hidden, or password-protected, notebook which can be accessed only via a second layer of security.



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I locked the original topic because it had devolved into an argument over other users, and not the actual topic. I can't the actual topic was restarted by any of the original posters, but I can tell you that this is a not-infrequently requested feature. You'll need to search for it (I'd suggest using Google rather than the actual forum search); there is no canonical "per-notebook password protection" topic.

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I've already read quite a bit about the subject by using Google search, but I didn't find a clear answer: is it being considered? Is it currently not a priority for whatever reason? This seems to be a very easy feature to implement, with a lot of vocal user enthusiasm behind it.

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