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Web Clipper 6.0 -- email URLs



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Don't understand the scenario you are describing. Can you elaborate and perhaps add a screenshot?


Here is an example of what showed up in Evernote's source filed when I, using the previous version of web clipper, saved an email from Gmail:




But in the new version, this displays in the source URL field:




In notes clipped with the old version, clicking on the source URL opened that particular email in Gmail.  


In the new version, clicking on the source URL only opens Gmail -- and I then have to find the email I want to deal with.


The old way was great for handling email follow-ups, whereas the new version takes away that productivity edge.

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Incidentally, when I just highlight text in an email and clip it to EN (the desktop version), the full URL does show up (which means that I can click that URL in EN, after which Gmail opens in a new tab with that particular email open).  That's what I want.

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I came here looking for a solution to this exact situation myself.  


My Firefox clipper still clips the long url.


The extended url lets you link directly to the email (even if it is moved from the inbox or given a different label).  I can look at an email, clip to remember it, and then archive it away.  When I want to reply, I can get directly to the email in one click from evernote. Truncating the email means that I just end up opening a second tab of gmail and then searching it.



I will add that the web clipper is fantastic, and has become completely integrated into my working day--if I wasn't so attached to it, I wouldn't be so fussy!  So, thanks.

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