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Default color: Pink?!?!?



I'm repeatedly annoyed that Skitch doesn't default to the last color used. I get it: the app's icon is pink, so the initial annotation color is pink. It's slightly cute. But only once.  :-)  


I tend to use green annotations. Why can't Skitch simply remember the last-used settings and default to them when the app is relaunched? Why force everyone who doesn't use pink to change the color every single time?


This is basic, basic programming: Saved state. What would be the downside of making Skitch remember the last-used color?  :-)

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We agree and were just debating this topics this morning. We have a concept for how to do this and provide custom colors per tool. We'll have to work on the design and get some testing in to make sure it works for new users and veterans alike.


The reason for not doing this in the past has been we have done a lot of testing and it is tricky to find a good color that stands out well on any background. The pink color actually stands out better than a lot of other choices and so it has remained as the default. On a similar note, we've also found that the familiarity of knowing how the app would work as soon as it is started (always pink, always arrow) has made it very easy for users to get into a good long term workflow with Skitch.


But we have also heard from our veteran users, such as yourself, that you'd like finer control that more suits your personal preference. As I mentioned we agree, we just need to come up with a way to make sure that everyone can use the app without any unexpected behavior and ensure that users are still able to develop that long term workflow.  

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It is not only that Skitch should remember the settings when it is relaunched. In the latest version it jumps back to "pink" and "arrow" with every new screenshot I take. Is there any way to keep the settings at least within one session? This was the way it worked in the older version.




Edit: I should have mentioned that I am talking about Skitch for MacOS

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