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(Archived) suggestion to improve tagging

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One of the reasons I tag evernotes is to refer to terms within long notes -- it would make it easier to look up these terms I'm referencing if tags could be assigned to notes in general like they are now, but also if they could be like hyperlinks or like the "Find" function and highlight the tagged word within the note. Furthermore, sometimes I want to tag a part of a note as I would in my handwritten notes with asterisks referring to tags that are not just the words in the note but a general theme I'm tracking, so it would be helpful if it were possible to attach tags to places within notes somehow, maybe with a symbol.


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Sorry, but with the current Evernote architecture, tags can only be applied to notes, and I doubt that that will change any time soon. I'm thinking that a separate notion, say, "bookmark" would be closer to what you're asking for. I can see a use for that.

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