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(Archived) FEATURE REQUEST: Better table support - PLEASE!



I know I've seen this topic discussed by other users, but one thing that prevents wider adoption by myself is the lack of editable table sizes and better contextual menu support for tables in evernote.  Some examples of things that should work are: the ability to click-set table size and anchor those sizes, also the ability to split cells, color/shade independent cells, raw/unformatted support for text in cells.  Most wikis/blogs have this support built in out of the box.  Please consider prioritizing this feature set.


This functionality is super important to myself and I'm sure others would find it useful too.  This not only applies to the mac version, but also PC and eventually all platforms.



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This is a user forum, although Evernote staff read pretty much everything they only occasionally respond and very rarely discuss roadmap. If you want a response from Evernote then you should open a support ticket, but it is just as unlikely that you will get a direct answer.

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