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(Archived) Evernote Webclipper for Chrome

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Looks like some very cool new features.


But what I would prefer is for Evernote to improve the actual web capture formatting for both the Evernote Web clipper (FireFox and Chrome) and for EN Clearly.

There are still many web sites that the page format is messed up when it is captured by Evernote.


And often, after it is captured, you cannot insert a normal blank line at the top of the Note to add some comments, etc.

This was requested several years ago, and should be very simple to implement:  just add a HTML "<BR>" at the very top of the captured page.

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Wow, looks great, loving this update (so far)!


Just wondering, is the "simplified article" view now the same as the "Clearly" view, or are there some differences that I haven't found yet?

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