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(Archived) Date format in reminders

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It would be really nice to have a choice of date/time formats for reminders.


Using the web, Windows v5 and Touchpad (Android) the format is mm/dd/yy.


From a UK perspective dd/mm/yy would be more appropriate.


Maybe the display format could be added to the settings?


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As far as I know, the date should follow that of the local OS's settings. On Windows, when you insert a timestamp (Ctrl+; shortcut), do you get a localized (localised?) :)) date string? How about created/updated dates in the note header?

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What I meant was "Change date" in "Set Reminder"


On the web if I enter 09/13/13 then 09/13/13 is displayed as the reminder date (US style)

If I enter 13/09/13 then 01/09/14 is displayed as the reminder date (UK style - wrong)


dd/mm/yy is more inuitive to us UK folks.

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