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(Archived) Using saved searches as 'tickler' file

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I'd like to use saved searches to generate a tickler file.

Ideally I'd like to see notes where i have specified a date (using the created field) when it is today or within the next x days.



'Tickler:Today' ...............gives those notes with created date today.

'Tickler: Next 7 days' ......gives notes with created date either today or in next 7 days.


I know I can always scan the created date column but the above would be quicker and easier and allow me to list the search in 'shortcuts' for easy viewing on mobile devices.


I have tried..... 'created:day+7'. It does bring forward some qualifying notes.....but it shows all notes with future dates not just those for next 7 days.



Anyone know how to do this?





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Thanks for responding. Yes indeed, I'd be able to scan when the full list is shown. What I'd really like to do though is save a search which achieves a 'clipped' view of such notes so I can store in shortcuts and is therefore very quick/easy to view on a mobile device. I;m sure its simply a case of my inexperience with the syntax that my attempt at the search isn't working.


I think I need to be writing something along the lines of 'created since today but not more than 7 days ahead'....I'm just not sure my attempt (created:day+7 -created+8) is the right way to go about it. I get close with created:day+7......but then all future items are shown.


Thanks again for your response.


Any ideas anyone?




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Do you mean you want to view notes within a narrow time frame, excluding those before and after?


I'm almost certain that the syntax for date filtering always has in implied "or more recent than (newer)" specified.  So you can't prevent future dated notes from appearing.

The new reminders function in v5 mean that I don't need to forward-date notes any more and this has cleaned up my view searches, for example, "activity today" no longer has any future dated notes appearing. (Apart from an index note dated 31/12/2099 which I always want to see).


This might be helpful:



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