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(Archived) Difficult to edit text in app for Sony Experia Z


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1) Hard to get in edit mode


Normally, when hovering over text, you see a magnifying glass and you can edit the text you have written.


In the Evernote app for Android, this is extremely hard to achieve. When touching a word, I either get "Paste" label up, or the whole word is marked for copying (with a marker in each end).


Please fix this.



2. Have anybody ever asked user what they think of automatic numbering of paragraphs?


I also don't understand how automatic numbering of paragraphs is initiated. It just suddently happens and I desperately want to turn it off. I am sure developers are proud of it, but I have yet to meet a user who likes it.





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I guess a magnifying glass is a Sony accessory,  as may be the numbering of paragraphs because neither of those is an Evernote feature as far as I'm aware..   All part of the magic of having dozens of different variants on which to run Android software.  Can't really suggest anything other than raising a support ticket with both Evernote and Sony to alert them to the problem...   see my signature for the link.

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