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(Archived) Bugs in search bar and reminders, repeated crashes


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I'm still trying to get used to V5, and while I appreciate the addition of reminders, I'm not sure all the changes are for the better.  As many others have mentioned, the flat UI and lack of color require the user to pay more attention to navigating the app than on managing content.  The old UI just stayed out of the way, which was nice...Nonetheless, I'm hoping I'll get used to it with time...


Meanwhile, I've noticed some issues:


1) Bug:  The down arrow in the search box allows the selection of "Search All Notes" or "Search Current Context".  This does not work for me.  Regardless of what I select, EN only searches the current context.  If I am currently in my "ACTION" notebook, and I search for a note which I know is present in another notebook, EN will fail to find it with "Search All Notes" selected.  However, if I change to the notebook which contains the note in question, then repeat the search (repeating search because the search bar has been cleared when I changed notebooks -- I wish it would keep the search active while changing notebooks), then EN will find the note.


2) Repeated crashes:  When clicking the notebook down arrow to select notebooks (to the right of the Announcements icon), I have noticed that if I double-click the notebook selector, EN will always crash.  I noticed this because I was experiencing fairly significant lag time from the time I clicked the down arrow to change notebooks.  In my impatience, I ended up double-clicking, and EN crashed.  In testing it since, it crashes every time if I double-click. 


3)  Missing feature:  In the same notebook drop down selector, it seems there is no longer an "All Notes" option??  If I select a notebook from the dropdown, I can't find any way to revert to the "All Notes" context.  This is particularly annoying given #1 above.


4) Bug:  If I set a reminder, the note correctly appears in the Reminders list.  If I then go to the note and click "Clear Reminder," the reminder is cleared, but the note remains in the Reminders list.  Even if I exit EN and reopen, that note still appears in the Reminders list, with no Reminder set.  There are times that I need to clear the Reminder without marking complete, but this does not seem to be working.


The above all occured in the latest version, (261682) Public.


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