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(Archived) Pasting an image into Skitch


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Does anyone know how to paste an image into Skitch using an IPad?  I am trying to copy and paste a graph made in CloudOn Excel into Skitch.  I was able to do it for some of my students, but not all of them, and it won't work on my device either.  Any suggestions?  

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@teacher - Skitch on iPad currently does not have a "Create from clipboard" feature, but it can be the recipient of any saved image from your iPad. If you have an image stored on your iPad or in any app that offers up an "Open with..." option (which most storage apps do), then you can select Skitch as the destination and so long as it is a valid image Skitch will open it up and display it for mark up.


If the image is on a web page, or some other source, you try doing a long press on the image and seeing if the system, or app, offers up an option to "Save the image" in that case simply save it to the iPad's photo app and then open it up from within Skitch or via the "Open with..." option in the photo app.


Hope that helps.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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