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(Archived) Reference of attached files


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today I had an Idea and I'd like to know if I just overlooked the right setting or if this is something you already have in the pipeline:


When I copied a Power Point presentation to an Evernote note and later re-opened it from there. This caused a Version conflict, because I now have two copies of the same presentaiton. One in the original location and one at what seems to be the default location for Evernote files:

...AppData/local/Evernote/... etc.


Even though I can set this to a different location I wondered: Wouldn't it be better to just reference the files from wherever I dragged them into my notes from?


I know that this is not an easy thing to implement, since you would have to exclude locations like .../temp/lotus notes/... and still copy files that are located there to the default folder.


Please share your thought on this with me,


best regards,


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The Evernote practice embeds the files into your notes. This means that they are available on other machines than they existed on originally. They exist wholly inside Evernote, however, when you attempt to edit one, Evernote copies the attachment into a temporary location (i.e., \Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases\Attachments), and the handling program is invoked on that file. When you save, that file is picked up and replaces the original in your note. However, sometimes the handoff doesn't work correctly,and you see the temporary files orphaned in that directory. Provided you are actually done editing, it is safe to delete them -- they are not intended to live there permanently.

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