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(Archived) REQUEST: Option to ask before automatically creating a new tag


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There is a feature that has bugged me since day 1: It happens much to often to me, that in the "click to add a new tag" box I misspell a tag and EN automatically creates a new (still misspelled) tag for me.


For instance, I have a tag "ToDoNow". If I type "todonw", backspace the "w" and forget to explicitly select the "ToDoNow" entry, which is popping up again, but not selected, hitting enter will auto-create a new tag "todon". Which I have to find in the tag list and select and delete, which is really annoying.


Creating a new tag is always a though process for me, and all my tag are in a nested tag structure. I never "just make a new tag" directly from my notes.


I presume that rewriting this feature would be a lot of work.


So I have a simpler suggestion: give us an option to always ask before creating a new tag. Hitting "No, thanks" is still much more easy then searching for the unruly new tag. This dialog could also have another option "dont ask me again", which would turn off this new option again.


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I'd like to second this suggestion. It is a bit frustrating to find inadvertant tags lurking about, especially when you are in a hurry and don't even realize that you accidentally mistagged a note and so created a useless tag. Some sort of check to prevent that from happening would be nice.

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I have stumbled upon an option in EN5, which resolves the problem for me.


After creating the unwanted tag, the tag is usually associated with the note.


Right click on the tag shows the option "delete tag". This does not only remove the tag from the note (for this clicking on the "X" would suffice) but shows the default "should I delete this tag?" dialog and really deletes the tag.


I can certainly live with this.

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