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(Archived) Disturbing forced "features"

Guest mrossk

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Some developer seem to think that more features are better. But this is not true in all cases. Sometimes less is more:

  1. Auto titles are disturbing my workflow. Please let us deactivate them! There have been enough questions in this forum for this. You seem not to recognize how much they disturb the daily workflow for many of your users.
  2. When the last create/change time is under 1 hour then the times are shown relative to the actual time in list view. The exact original (absolute) time is important for me! Now I every time (10 - 15 times per day) have to calculate back this shown times to get the original time. This is annoying and really not necessary. Or is there an other way to see the original (absolute) time in list view?
Please don't make such simple things unnecessary complicated. If someone needs this then this sould be optional but never forced.


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