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(Archived) Version updates; not working?

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I recently installed Evernote on my new, Win8 computer.  It looks a little different than the one on my Win7; 64bit machine.


Evernote on my

laptop is version (261645) and looks like this:




Desktop is version (268917 and looks like this:




I've reviewed the account page and they are both the same: Premium since date, username, with the same email; and email notes to yet there is on Premium option on the laptop version; between Sync and Activity, there is no color, and the interface looks very crude compaired to the older desktop verion.


Maybe this is all about Pref settings but I don't recall changing a lot of preferences when I set up the desktop version.


The thing that prompted this inquiry is that when I try to update the desktop version I get a message saying it's up to date; yet the version on the laptop is 5 and the version on the dekstop in 4.


How can I get both these program versions of Evernote; not the online; everywhere version, to have the same version number and interface?


btw I checked the Preview and the images, that are 1088 pixals wide in their origina form, disply as very tiny in Preview.  Not sure why that is.


I tried to edit the attachments, finding that one opened but the other didn't. Now the both open but one is at the bottom now and I can' move it up.  But at least the can both be seen now


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Hi Mike and welcome to the forum,

V5 has yet to be released for auto update. Should happen this week some time. Alternatively you can manually update your older computer.

Take a look around the forum and you will see there is a lot of information regarding this major change in Evernote for Windows.

Best regards


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