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Please, Please, Please, Fix the text editor!


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Hi, I tend to think in terms 'of what others manage right now we can and must get done as well' and not 'we'll do it when we get round to it'.

Quite often 'buying expertise' is the keyword.  For what reason, after all, were subscriptions rates raised to a significant extent if not for providing better services?

Users (forgive me if I am wrong) were not crying out in large numbers for the stuff that had been laid off for the time being but certainly for an editor worthy the name editor. 

I mean well by Evernote, I am happy to pay my subscription fee but I am not one who goes through life blindfolded. Most of the big names never felt ashamed of 'copying' or cooperating with others. Never mind the html-format Evernote uses internally.  Through application program interfacing (API) amazing stuff is done. Millions of programmers and developers around the world are ready to step in practically at a moment's notice should the need arise. 

Just my ...( €) cents.

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