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Weekly Teacher Planner - specifically elementary


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I've just started using EN to plan and reflect on my day. We run a ten day cycle so I usually put in a heading such as Monday Day 1. I can then search for all the notes with the same title and spot problems/issues that occur at the same time on that particular part of the cycle (e.g Year 8 arrive at my class, absolutely bonkers because they have just had PE).


I'd like a template though rather than having to type out the basic format each day. I've not worked that one out though.


I like the search tool. I can type in a student name and come back with all of the references to that student. Helps with reporting, etc.


I also use tags to help me stay on top of things I need to do later, such as add notes about a particular student to the agenda for a welfare meeting.


I'm also trying to cross-reference resources between lessons and curricular notes.


Lots of unexplored potential as yet.

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