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Setting for reminder notification sound



I'd like to request that you consider adding a setting for the reminder notification sound rather than just using the android default in the development roadmap for android.  I'd like to create an Evernote specific sound when the reminder fires.

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I suggest using notification channels.




Edit, they already are.

For users with Android 8.0 and above, there are a couple of ways to do this. 

1) The next time a reminder goes off, long press on the notification, and a gear or (i) will appear, you can edit the notification setting for only that channel.

2) Settings, Apps/app manager, Evernote, notifications, Reminder, edit settings for that channel 

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I too need to be able to have a sound play off my iphone whenever a reminder triggers from evernote.

Geez, this is basic use case for any task management software on a smartphone. To think smartphone software developers would be smart enough to figure that out :)

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I would like to add my voice to this too.


I find Evernote very useful, however currently not only will it only use the default notification sound, but it also vibrates as well, even though I've got the phone set to not vibrate.


This is annoying and distracting because I want to set some reminders simply to be there when I check the phone as they're not urgent, but others I want to be notified of immediately.


This should be a simple fix, so I can't see why Evernote hasn't done it yet despite it being over a year since the first request.


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Can I add a "me too" to this one!


I've been using Wunderlist as a to-do app, and it uses both a different sound and different colour for the LED. I have an almost "pavlov's dog" response to email alerts that use the default sound, and it's nice to be able to distinguish between those and other alerts.


With that simple feature I think I could quite happily use Evernote for reminders and only have the one app to deal with.

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I agree.  I have my default notification sound (in Android settings) set to silent, because I do not want the phone to be making noises every time a notification happens.  I prefer to look at my notifications later.  Then, in my text Messages app, I have a separate notification sound set (and some special ones for individual people).  Also, in my gmail app, I have another notification sound set (because I want to hear the difference between e-mail and text messages).  I have other apps set similarly, with their own sounds.  I would like to set Evernote with its own sound too.


Presently, because I have Android's notification sound set to "silent", I don't hear any sound for Evernote, and I can't change that.  Please add a setting for this.

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It's crucial that any app that uses notifications allows the user whether or not to accompany those with sounds. All the other apps I use have a notification sound setting.


Here's the use case: I want notifications, but I want them asynchronously and silently. I pull down from the top of the screen to see the recent notification queue (that's the asynchronous part), and I don't allow any notifications to ding at me (that's the silent bit).


I hate dinging devices, and currently the only dings I get are from Evernote. Setting please!

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