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(Archived) I can't edit a note anymore

Andy Wang

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I'm extraordinarily angry with Evernote right now!!!


Yesterday I was writing a note on Evernote. It worked well with most part of the note, but when I started writing the last paragraph, it stopped working: I finished the last paragraph, sync it, and switched to another note, and when I came back to this one, the last paragraph was lost!


And I rewrote the last paragraph again, sync again, made sure it was synced appropriately, and then closed Evernote. This morning when I bring Evernote up, the last paragraph is gone again!!!


I test that I write several words to the end of the 2nd last paragraph, sync and switch to another note, and come back, and not surprisingly the words is lost. I try this several times and each time the result is the same.


OMG if Evernote cannot guarantee that every single word I write on it is automatically sync to its server, nor does it offer a Save button, can I trust it anymore? I don't want to write the last paragraph a 3rd time and get it lost!

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Sounds like the note got corrupted when there was a problem and it "stopped working".  Is this the windows desktop client you're using? It should not be a major problem to add a few words to the note and sync your account,  then go back to the note to check its availability.  If that fails,  copy the existing note content to a new note and add some words.  Sync and check the new note works for extra content.  Delete the original.  And remember Finagle's Fifth Law - the likelihood of a computer to *****  * up is in direct proportion to how late you're working and how important the job is.


* Darn.  Forgot the nanny software.  Should have said spiral wood fixing-up.

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@gazumped thx for your reply. Yes I did all the stuff as you suggest prior to posting this complain, yet none works. I even uninstalled the software and re-install it, but it still doesn't work. Actually I cannot add new note in my windows desktop client any more. Every time I add a new note, sync it and switch to another note, the new note disappears automatically.


And everything works well at my Mac.

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