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(Archived) HTC One, can't record audio in note.

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On my iPhone 4, I could create new note, click the record icon, record my voice, then play it back.

On my new HTC One, I create a new note, click the "+" icon, select record icon, it starts the timer, I talk, nothing is recorded.

I just saw the message about the Evernote Widget. I downloaded it, put it on my home screen, launched the audio recorder, it created a new note and the timer started. I talked. I clicked the check mark. It stopped and displayed the speaker icon. I tapped the audio speaker icon. It said "0" seconds recorded..


what's the deal?

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so eventhough it says "0" seconds recorded, I clicked "View" and it played back what I recorded. The problem: way too low in volume eventhough my HTC One has the volume at 50%, which is usually loud enough for everything else I listen to. My audio note was almost inaudible.

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