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(Archived) Evernote 5 Windows Collapse Hide Reminder Info Edit Panel at the top of a note?


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I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to collapse the text edit options, reminder, info, share, created, updated section at the top of a note in Evernote 5?


In Evernote 4 there used to be a small arrow or F8 I think it was, in this version it doesn't seem possible to collapse?


Anyone any ideas?



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The toolbar behaviour has changed a little. Now you have the auto switching toolbar which was what would have been shown by F8, so that doesn't have any affect anymore (Unless you change a registry key to turn it off, then you get the "Created/Updated" and Editing toolbars separate, and even then F8 only hides one toolbar)

The top part of the toolbar that you are referring to, with the Notebook/Tags as well as the other menu options cannot be hidden as far as I am aware.

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Yeah, it seems so. I'd just like to be able to minimise that big grey section at the top that has the Text Editor or Created / Updated and also the Reminder / Share / Info / Delete section. I prefer a very minimalist design. Hopefully they add the feature where I can minimise it in a future update.

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Again, the notion of discoverability might be at play, as with other features that have been changed or removed. If they needed to tell people about this feature a lot, or answer a lot of questions about it (we certainly saw a lot here in the forums), then that may have caused them to consider the feature to be problematic. This current way gives access to some important information (notebook name/selector) and tags. Note that you can right-click and configure some of the items that appear on the note toolbar, and that the editing controls appear where dates and source URL appear when you're editing the note, so some of that space was going to be taken away anyways. I haven't minded that change, myself.

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