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(Archived) Applescript to create Index Notes



To scratch an itch I had, I wrote a couple of Applescripts to automatically generate Index Notes. Index Notes contain a list of all of the notes for a particular criterion in which every note title is a hyperlink to that note. 


I wrote one script to create an Index Note of a notebook. When run, it offers you a list of all of your notebooks, you select the one you want and it creates a new note in that notebook with hyperlinks to all of the other notes in that notebook. 


The second script generates an Index Note for a particular tag. When run, it offers a list of all of your tags, you select one and it creates a new note in your default notebook with hyperlinks to all of the notes that have that tag. 


You could put these Index Notes in your Shortcuts section to create a new level of organization and access to your notes. 


I've written up a bit more on the scripts here: http://bit.ly/19dqP7f


You can also find links to download them there. 


Hope this helps someone else besides me. 



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