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(Archived) Inconsistent Sort Order across OS


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I use a lot of tags on groups for categorising and prefix tags with special characters as recommended by most of the GTD books and Evernote books. Problem is the sort order on windows is different to IOS which are both different to the ASCII standards. Ie. for the chars I use:


!#$%&()*+./numbers:<=>?@uppercases [\]^_lowercases{}~

Evernote Windows:

!#$%&()*./:?@[\]^_{}~+<=>numbers lowercases uppercases

Evernote IOS:

_:!?.()[]{}@*/\%^+<=>~$numbers lowercases uppercases

1. Evernote please be consistent in your design

2. Book writers please test your theories before writing them and causing mugs like me to spend h

Ours undoing their work

3. Other beware when reading books or assuming products will work consistently across platforms. Missing features on different platforms but having them work differently is just confusing

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One thing that you should note: Evernote does not use ASCII characters for names -- they are Unicode instead -- and ASCII sort order just doesn't apply to Unicode. Consistency would be nice, yes, but (not being an expert at Unicode) it's not clear how easy it would be to accomplish that across the various platforms used.

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For gtd users I also posted this

Sort order for Evernote is different on each platform see QA forum http://www.thesecretweapon.org/forums/topic/sorting-tags-again/#post-1816


Thanks for posting the link. It should be spelled out clearly by Evernote themselves. Maybe it has, but I haven't come across it. And yes, sort-consistency should be a concern at Evernote, especially with their multi-device abilities mantra.


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Someone kindly built a tool to show which tags will work across which platforms, have added link at bottom. It is not fully up to date but working for me. As jbenson says evernote should have this spelt out somewhere on the site, it is an essential no brainer for me


Link here

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