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(Archived) Evernote 5 for Windows, some suggestions, some bugs

Wim de Lange

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Just installed the Evernote 5 for Windows. Looks good, pretty feeling. like what I see.

Some remarks on what I see:

  • The word "Evernote" is not in the dictionary :-)
  • Too much white space under the title of the note. I like my screen space and it should not be wasted too much.
  • The note window as a stand alone window has a toolbar with too big buttons and all buttons are not useful. I will not use any of them. The toolbar cannot be hidden. Can that made to be an option? I have no problems with the toolbar in the main Evernote window. There the toolbar is in the same line with the Notebook choose menu and the add Tag button, which is not the case in the Note window itself.
  • The Reminder button in the toolbar has no menu option (which should be useful if the toolbar could be hidden)
  • I use the keyboard a lot. Using Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Rights goes through words, but with a nasyt twist. If there is a checkbox before a word, that word is skipped. And if you reach the beginning or the ending of the note, Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right changes to be "go to begin/end of note" instead of word.
  • Is it possible to change the behaviour of a check box to the behaviour of a bulleted list? Leave the check box in the same position, but if the line is to long it should wrap like the bulleted list. Makes a list with things to do with long sentences better readable.
  • When you hover the mouse over a button, there is no tooltip. Took me some tries before I understood what T stands for.
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