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using a bluetooth Keyboard

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Hi Darrel,


The answer is yes assuming you have coupled it to your iPad, but it has nothing to do with Evernote that I am aware of.


I use the keyboard on my iPad all the time with Evernote.


Best regards



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I use a Zagg keyboard on both my android, and Mac here at work, and it works just fine in Evernote. Using a BT keyboard is more hardware or system related than Application related. I love my BT keyboard in fact I am using it right now. :-)

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I am using a logitech keyboard with my mini ipad.  Does anyone know how to create the little box icon (to-do check box)?  On the regular keyboard, I create them by using the Shift+Ctrl+C key.  This doesn't seem to work on my logitech keyboard.


Thanks in advance for anyone's help!



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