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REQUEST: Add subscript/superscript

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I just downloaded Evernote 5 and hoped the new version supported subscript/superscript.

I'm disappointed again that it still doesn't support them. 

This feature is very useful for me and I believe it's useful for many others. 

still no plan of adding them? :(



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Yeah, not in the toolbar yet, but shortcuts are available so you can avoid menus. Ctrl+Shift+Up formats the selected text as a superscript and Ctrl+Shift+Down does the same for subscript.

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11 hours ago, kpmack3 said:

Is there a way to format superscript/subscript as normal -- in other words, it's already superscript. How do I turn it off?

Select the text and press superscript/subscript again, it's just a toggle.

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