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(Archived) Is Evernote 5 Pre-Release Beta?

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I received an email today announcing Evernote 5: "Coming Soon: Evernote 5 for Windows."


I'm excited about this and noticed that there's a download link to the pre-release in the email. I was wondering, though, is this still beta software? Or is the pre-release of Evernote 5 for Windows the final product? I rely so much on Evernote that I want to make sure I'm using the polished version, as bug-free as software can be.

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I also received this email but there's no link to the pre-release beta in mine.  When I try to upgrade inside the windows app it tells me I have the latest version, but in fact I have version  I live in the UK, if that's relevant?  Just keen to try out the new version if possible.


EDIT: Sorry, scrub that.  I just realised the download link is in the "What's New" page.

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