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(Archived) Help with a couple things

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  • I am wondering if others are having the same problem I do in regards to print preview.  I work on PC.  It will show the image of what I want to print, however, none of the writing.
  • If you have multiple pictures in one note and you want one of them to be the "face" of that note is that possible? 
  • Is there any way to customize the font toolbar in a note?  I often use attachments but don't use the indenting feature and so I would like attachments to show on the main line and not indenting. 
  • I am currently sharing a recipes notebook with my sister.  However, I don't want all her tabs clogging up with my tabs.  Is there a way to not have her tabs show unless I actually click on her notebook?  

Thanks for everyones help! 




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Hi -


Evernote doesn't have a 'print preview' that I'm aware of - how are you getting to this?  Which client are you using?  Is the text of your notes is underneath the pictures and available if you scroll down?


The  'face of the note' thing - no;  except you can control layout in Word and PDF files which is a way to specify the visible page of your note.


Customize Toolbar - nuh.


Sharing notebooks.  Tabs??

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I am using the PC version.  It is under file and has print preview.  But it always just shows the image.  It doesn't matter where the writting is.  Above, below or all around.  The text doesn't show up, only the image. 


An example about the tabs would be I have a tab called "Dinner" and so do I.  I would like her tabs not to show up unless I click on her notebook.  Otherwise, it gets confusing and adds a lot of tabs that I wouldn't use. 


Thanks for responding. 



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