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(Archived) Skitch keeps creating new copies of annotated PDF note; NOT flattened PDFs


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I became a premium user just for the ability to annotate PDFs, and this is extremely frustrating.  I've searched the forum, and I understand that this same question has been asked multiple times already and I know the answer always is: 


If the PDF becomes flattened then Skitch will have to create a whole new PDF note when it saves it back to Evernote



However, this is not what is happening.  Skitch is making a true annotated PDF ("rich PDF").  But it is still making a new note in Evernote every single time I make a new annotation.  Here is my workflow:


1. Add a PDF to evernote by either:

   A. "Attach File" from the File menu

   B. "Evernote WebClipper" a PDF directly from the web into evernote

2. Use the "Mark Up With Skitch" icon to annotate PDF with skitch from within Evernote

3. I select the *2nd option* in the Popup dialog, the actual name of the PDF file, not "Mark up entire note"

4. I annotate the note in Skitch and click "Save to Evernote" from within Skitch

5. It has now created a SECOND note in Evernote that is the annotated PDF

6. This SECOND pdf is a "Rich PDF".  It is NOT flattened

7. If I want to add any more annotations it will create a THIRD note

8. Another note will be created if I select EITHER the original note to annotate OR select one of the already annotated notes


I have attached screen shots of my work flow




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Nevermind, I've been way over thinking this.  For anyone else using Mountain Lion and running into this issue, just use Preview to annotate the PDF.  It works flawlessly.  Click on the little "eyeball" icon on the top right hand corner of the PDF from within Evernote to view the note.  Then click on the "View in Preview" icon.  Then annotate the note in Preview, and then save the note from Preview.  You can close the note in Preview, and the changes will show up in Evernote.

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@diederik or notaclue1945,


Steps 1-6 are all part of the way the integration was designed. For step 7 what are you clicking on to start the next annotation? Are you clicking on the original PDF (which would start a new annotated PDF, and is normal) or on the annotated PDF that was generated at step 6? Interacting with the new annotated PDF should not result in another new PDF. Are you running the latest version of Evernote?

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I agree.  I don't like that Skitch creates a whole new note when annotating a pdf from Evernote.  I would like to be able to do with Skitch what the user above did with Preview.  Open note in Skitch, make annotations & then save back to the same note in EN.  

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@BBoe - For this first rollout we purposely designed it not to replace, because we felt that replacing the PDF without a prompt could be destructive to some users. In our testing some users found this to be concerning. We are looking at options in the near future which would resolve this issue. 

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I won't use Skitch for the very reason listed above. The first time I tried the program, I just had to shake my head at the duplicate files. I can't believe a developer didn't just add a prompt giving the user the option to choose between marking up the original or creating a new note -- such an easy and sensible solution. By the way, when I tried to log in to comment, Evernote came up with an error message yet when I clicked back I was logged in.

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